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Last update : June, the 11th 1999 (updated each month)

The Top Friends Cocktail Club was created during the summer of 1989.
It represents more than a simple band of friends from Toulouse gathered together around some cocktails : it is the symbol of a state of mind and a way of life that characterizes and unites its members.

Under this acronym hides a period dear to our eyes : Les Années Folles (the gay twenties), and what it means to us, namely the explosion of the consumer society, the creation of the famous classic cocktails, the Jazz clubs, the refined parties enlivened by the Charleston, and yet so many things...

This "club" has nothing official ; It is only the history (not over yet !) of a friendship between its members and of their cocktails, created during parties often reckless.

Its presence on the Net has three aims :
- Let you discover some original cocktails;
- Meet other "cyberbartenders" in the world and share some good little recipes with them;
- Incite you to create your own friends' club about a theme like cocktails (and, why not, publish it on Internet).

You are welcome as a guest in our club and i hope your journey in the country of our cocktails will please you.

Your Humble Narrator (alias Alex/The Brain/The Porcupine).

Please forgive me but i am French and my english is quite bad and poor.
Our french version has more features (book, dictionary of ingredients,...) than the english one,
but we will do our best to translate it the faster we can. And also, all the dates are in french format (DD/MM/YY).

Enter into the T.F.C.C.'s cave and the cocktails' universe

Good wines lovers, this site is made for you !

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you may copy the T.F.C.C.'s cocktails recipes for personal use.
If you wish to employ and diffuse them (in your web pages for instance), we ask you to keep the recipe as a whole (creator, cocktail name, recipe, mixing) and we would like you to warn us by e-mail (sgrialet@free.fr).
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